Super Mario Series #1: Tanuki Mario  LbNA # 63751

Placed DateJan 2 2013
LocationTideman Johnson City Park, Portland, OR
Found By Geo Treo
Last Found Apr 7 2013
Hike Distance?

Enter at 37th Avenue. Cross the Springwater Corridor trail and find the trail to the Tideman Johnson Natural Area. Follow it down a ways out onto the observation platform. Learn some fun facts about the wetlands. Continue along the boardwalk noticing the lovely creek on your right. Hopefully there's not too much garbage laying around today.

Keep going past the big green box until you see the entrance to World 1-2. Walk over to it and sit down. This should be where the box is, but unfortunately there isn't a good place to hide it where it won't get muggled here. :D

So instead head back the way you came until you get to the intersection with the Springwater Corridor. Look to your left and you will see a paved side-path. Follow it down past the overpass and cross the bridge over the creek. Now turn around. Ahead of you and down under the left side of the bridge is a little cubby. Reach in and up and back toward you to find the box.

This is our first box, so tell us what you think!

(Stay tuned for the rest of the series!)