On the Eleventh Day (Night) of Cachemas...  LbNA # 63753

Placed DateJan 3 2013
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCold Lake, Cold Lake, ALB
Planted ByMKFmly    
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This is a Letterbox/Geocache Hybrid. This Letterbox is designed to be found at night.

Find the start location and look for the fire tacks and follow. Most travel will be along trails. **This style of Fire Tacks reflect best if you hold your flashlight at eye level.** ***Perhaps I should have mentioned this is a NIGHT ONLY Letterbox cache!***

To start find go to the intersection of 52 Avenue and 62 Street in Cold Lake, and park.

Follow the City Yard Fence Line North until you hit a corner.
Scan the area with a Flashlight and look for fire tacks and follow...

On the Eleventh Day of Cachemas...

This is part of A Merry Little Cachmas Series and Part of the Final Mystery Cache.

Each of the caches in this series has a number for the

final mystery cache code (make sure you write them all down!)

On the Eleventh Day (Night) of Cachemas,

Cache Nick gave to me….

Eleven Fire Tacks Shining,

Ten Canisters Hanging,

Nine First to Finds,

Eight Puzzles Perplexing,

Seven Muggles Watching,

Six Points Projecting,

Five Braasssy Caps,

Four Path Tags,

Three Travel Bugs,

Two Ammo Cans,

And a Micro in a Spruce Tree!