The Path to Freedom  LbNA # 63754 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateJan 1 2013
LocationAndersonville, GA
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The Path to Freedom

This is my first letterbox plant, so I welcome suggestions!

Directly below these instructions are the clues you need to find this letterbox in Andersonville, Georgia, a town most known for its role in the Civil War. It was the site of Camp Sumter Military Prison from 1864-1865. As this is a National Historic Site, the letterbox is planted in the town of Andersonville, just across the highway, though you’ll have to visit the site to answer the questions that follow to determine the order of the clues. I would recommend first picking up a brochure at the Visitors Center, then going to the prison site, then to the cemetery, then back to the Visitors Center with any questions you may have. Once your questions are answered, fill in the letter of the answer on the line below. Then, follow the clues in alphabetical order to find the letterbox.

Sound like too much work? I’ve also built a puzzle into the clues. The last letter of each clue will be the first letter of the next clue. For example, if the first clue was First turn left, the second could be Then turn right. Be careful as some letters repeat!

Good luck on your journey!

1.____ Traverse highway 49 with vigilance
2.____ Ramble to railroad side
3.____ Leave prison grounds through exit
4.____ Eye the left corner
5.____ Swing into parking spot on the right
6.____ Rust colored train car
7.____ Train car, green, you see ahead
8.____ Navigate over tracks
9.____ Here is what you seek
10.____ Enter town under banner
11.____ Reach underneath
12.____ Direct your gaze over right shoulder

1. How many prisoners were held (all told) at Andersonville?
B 45,000
C 450,000
D 32,000
E 320,000

2. How many prisoners died at Andersonville (approximately)?
F 3,000
G 7,000
H 10,000
I 13,000

3. Who was the famous Civil War nurse (and subsequent founder of the Red Cross) who was partially responsible for the identification of Union soldier graves in the National Cemetery?
L Florence Nightingale
A Clara Barton
B Dorothea Dix
C Louisa May Alcott

4. Which monument in the cemetery features a weeping lady at its apex?
J Iowa
K Pennsylvania
L Maine
A New Jersey

5. Buried in grave J-3585 is an African-American soldier of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry well known for writing President Lincoln requesting equal pay for black soldiers. Who was this Corporal?
E James Henry Gooding
F Dorence Atwater
G Archibald Boyle
H Frank Maddox

6. Six men are buried separately from the other Civil War graves after being hung for leading a group of opportunists who brutalized other prisoners at Andersonville. What was the name of this group?
E The Privateers
F The Marauders
G The Bandits
H The Raiders

7. Part of the reason for such overcrowding at Andersonville was the breakdown of prisoner exchanges. This was largely the result of Confederates' refusal to exchange which group of individuals man-for-man?
F African-American prisoners
G Hispanic prisoners
H American Indian prisoners
I Other nationalities in general

8. Which state lost the most men at Andersonville?
C New Jersey
D New York
E Pennsylvania
F Iowa

9. In the National Prisoner of War Museum, there is a massive cross made as a memorial to those lost after the fall of Bataan in 1942. The cross was made at Camp O'Donnell, Luzon, Philippine Islands, of what material?
J wood
K iron
L cement
A marble

10. In one of the last rooms of the museum, you'll find a reproduction ball and chain. Above this is an image of the stockade at Andersonville, drawn from memory by a former prisoner. Which prisoner drew this?
L Shelby Foote
A Robert C. Kellogg
B John Ransom
C C. W. Reynolds

11. The Memorial Courtyard just outside the Visitors Center features an installation called "The Price of Freedom Fully Paid" by Donna L. Dobberfuhl. Which of these features most prominently in the outdoor exhibit?
K water
L shelter
A food
B fire

12. Do you promise to bring others here? :)
G Yes
H No