L is for Lobster  LbNA # 63758

Placed DateJan 5 2013
LocationTucson Mountain Park, Tucson, AZ
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Feb 8 2014
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Moderate to some steep portions
Distance: 15-20 minutes one way
Stamp: Hand Carved

Lobsters are invertebrates, members of the Class Crustacea of the Phylum Arthropoda. This class includes animals without backbones and with hard shells like crab, shrimp, crayfish, water fleas and wood lice. A male lobster is called a cock and a female a hen or chicken (when she weighs about 1 pound). There are two kinds of lobsters, the "true" lobster (also called American lobster) and the spiny lobster. The true lobster has claws on the first four legs, lacking in the spiny lobster. Lobster can have many different colors, including blue-green, blue, red, yellow, red-orange and white. Some lobsters come in two colors, having half of their shell one color and the other half another.
To read more, visit: http://www.veganpeace.com/animal_facts/Lobsters.htm

The true lobster in this box is a long-lived lobster who was born on this day a number of years ago. I had the pleasure of his company for 11 years. The stamp commemorates the time we had together and celebrates his new beginnings.

How to get to trailhead:
From west Ajo Way, turn right on Kinney Road. Turn right onto Sarasota Boulevard and follow to end. Park in the trailhead parking lot.

To the box:
All degrees are from magnetic north. At the trailhead sign, turn left and follow the Starr Pass trail. It will run along the fence line to your right. You will pass through a gate and between 2 metal "No Shooting" signs. Locate the white, flat, fiberglass sign to your right. Follow this trail roughly NE. As you walk, look up on the hill and to your right; you will see a huge boulder that look like someone way bigger than you balanced other boulders on top. You will come to a fork. Take the trail to the right walking around the prickly pear and ocotillo on your right. You will immediately dip down into a wash (steep up and down). You will do the same thing at a second wash. Up and down you go. You will pass through a wide sandy, shady area. After that, the trail begins to climb and gets quite rocky. You will now be heading roughly SE. After walking a bit, you will notice 2 saddles. Stay on the trail to the one on the right saddle. Up and over more rock.

When you get to the point where the saddle flattens out, stop before the trail begins to head downhill. Look to your right and locate an unofficial trail made up of purplish rocks (different from trail). Walk 25 steps up that trail. On your right you will see a pencil cholla and teddy bear cholla. Locate 2 Palo Verde trees at 240*; one tree is hiding behind the other. Look under a flat, leaning rock on the SW side of the farthest Palo Verde. Stamp in and re-hide well.

The standard warning applies when reaching for letterboxes in Arizona:
Rattlesnakes and “mean” things abound,
please take a stick and poke around.
It may save your hand or your life
and help to avoid loads of strife!

Hint: C is for Cougar, O is for Owl, Gates Pass Trail and David's Desert Letterboxes are nearby.