Hippity Hop  LbNA # 63768 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 6 2013
LocationSpringwoods Neighborhood Park, 9117 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found Feb 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Please note that this letterbox has been missing since April 2013. We hope to replace it or relaocate it soon.

Springwoods Neighborhood Park is located in northwest Austin: 9117 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, Texas 78729. The hours of the park are sunrise to sunset. This park is a lovely shaded park with lots of trees and picnic tables. The amenities include tennis courts, several picnic areas, 2 playgrounds, hike and bike trails, 2 pavilions, clean bathrooms and an open sports field. Leashed dogs are welcome and this is a great place to walk your dog.
Park in one of the parking lots for the park. Locate the path nearest the street entrance next to the playground. Begin on the path with the springy frog (it appears that the springy frog has been removed so look for the purple dinosaur and blue whale) on the right and a bench to the left. Keep walking past the springy blue whale on the right. You will see the red gazebo with a picnic table on the left. The path splits here. Go left. Stay to the right and stay on the path around the bathrooms. At the tennis courts, go right and cross the bridge. Go left on the path. The path will change to crushed granite. Stay on the path. The path will turn back to cement. Keep walking. The path will change back to crushed granite and then back to cement. You will see the neighborhood park entrance on the right with a landscaped area with 3 Christmas like trees. Stay on the path. Cross the cement culvert drainage bridge. The tennis courts will be on the left. A bench will be on the right. Look past the bench and you will see lazy tree lying on the ground. Hippity Hop resides behind the rocks under this lazy tree. There is a picnic table close by where you can do your stamping!
This is a high traffic area so please be stealthy and recover the area with rock and leaves.