Too Close to City Hall  LbNA # 63803 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 13 2013
LocationPeoria, AZ
Planted BySparky & Baxter    
Found By The DuganLeigh's
Last Found Mar 21 2013
Hike Distance?

Too Close to City Hall

Take the 101 North on the west side of Phoenix to the Peoria exit. After exiting, turn right on Peoria Avenue. Go to 85th Ave. and turn right. Then left on Monroe. Turn into the Peoria Municipal Complex and drive around the circle. Turn into the parking lot, “City Campus Visitor Parking”. As you face the circle, park in the first space on the right side, on the end.

Walk down to the second parking space from the other end, in that same row. As you face the bushes in front of this parking space, you will notice a short gray light post. Between this light post and the parking space, there are 2 rocks – a small one and a bigger one. You will find the letterbox buried between the rocks, closer to the small rock and in front of the nearest bush.

Peoria Municipal Complex is home to City Hall, City Council Chambers, the Main Library, and Municipal Court.

City Hall is centrally located on the south side of the complex and houses the Customer Service Center.

The Council Chambers are located near the center of the complex.
The Main Library is located on the northwest corner.
Municipal Court is located on the east side of the complex.
There is also an Amphiththeater behind City Hall on Cinnabar Avenue.

When you have finished with your stamping and recording your information, please put the letterbox back together and place it under the bush where you found it and make sure it’s covered so no one can see it.

Be cautious!! Watch out for dangerous desert critters!!!! Let us know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing. Also, record your find at or at ENJOY!!!!