Watchful Eye  LbNA # 6391 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 9 2003
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?

Watchful Eye Letterbox
Eagleville Preserve
Mansfield , Ct.

Planted 11/9/03
By Leader of the Pack
Rated : Easy

Note: Is on the way to Eagleville Preserve Letterbox in the same property as the Sit and Relax box and across the street from the Eagleville Dam box.

Directions : take Rte 32 to the Eagleville section of Mansfield and the crossroads and light at the junction of Rte 32 and Rte 275. Here turn off 32 onto Rte 275 and head toward Coventry and the Dam. The stone church is on the corner. Go slow the road is very twisty here. Drive under the train tracks and pull into the parking area on the right.

Walk across the street and note the sign for Eagleville Preserve. I am sure that Eagleville got its name because Eagles at one time resided here. Fishing the river and the lake above the dam. We await the day of the Eagle’s return to Eagleville and keep a watchful eye toward the sky. Could that graceful wing on the wind be an Eagle? As of 2003 probably not but I have seen the Great Blue Heron, Hawks and Turkey Vultures and some Kormorants glide by. Take the white blaze trail on the left. Follow it and cross over a bridge. As you pass the next bend keep your eye through the leaves on the left just to see a culvert under the tracks all built from stone to allow the brook to pass under the railroad tracks. Very cool construction. Continue on the trail Climb over two humps like the size of a whale. When you reach the third large mound in the trail stop. To the left in the base of a trail-side tree you will find the Watchful Eye Letterbox. Be sure to rehide with leaves over it to hide it from the non- letterboxers who pass by.

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