Valdino and His 52 Assistants  LbNA # 63931

OwnerAdventure Squad    
Placed DateJan 25 2013
LocationNorth Beach, Corpus Christi, TX
Found By Adventure Squad
Last Found Feb 18 2013
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Valdino and His 52 Assistants

Before you embark on this quest, be sure to have the following items: A bottle of water, gloves, a unique deck of playing cards, and a step-stool. (step stool is recommended but not necessary)

This letter box is inspired by Corpus Christi's local magician, Valdino, who one day will make the Lexington disappear. From East coast to West coast and everything in between, and even country to country, Valdino has entertained people of all ages and backgrounds. Beginning at the young age of eight, he has pressed forth into a daring world of a dying art. Valdino has apprenticed and studied under many household name magicians, and many unique entertainers as well.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, a seaport at the mouth of the Nueces River on the west end of Corpus Christi Bay, is the county seat of Nueces County and the largest city on the South Texas coast. It lays at the junction of Interstate 37 and U. S. highways 77 and 181, 210 miles southwest of Houston. In prehistoric times the area was inhabited by various tribes of the Karankawa Indian group, which migrated up and down the Coastal Bend region.

North Beach, also known as Rincon Point, also known as Corpus Christ Beach, is a section of Corpus Christi, Texas located on the far north end of the city. It is on the El Rincon peninsula surrounded by Corpus Christi Bay and Nueces Bay.

To locate the letterbox you will need to travel South of Interstate 37. Merge toward US 181 toward TX-Portland. Take the exit toward Texas State Aquarium/USS Lexington/C.C. Beach. Take EXIT toward Texas State Aquarium/USS Lexington/C.C. Beach.

Enjoy the beautiful view from the Harbor Bridge where you will be able to see the Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, and the Whataburger Field. The Harbor bridge houses a new LED lighting system that was installed and unveiled to the public on December 4th, 2011. The $2.2 million project was a joint venture between the City of Corpus Christi, the Port of Corpus Christi, the Texas Department of Transportation, and American Bank. The lighting system comprises more than 950 Philips Color Kinetics fixtures, and has over 11,000 individually addressable RGB nodes.

Take a left on Burleson St. Continue along until you cross the railroad tracks. Take another left on Rincon road. You will come to see an abandoned train on the left. The letterbox is hidden inside. Take extreme caution. This railroad is active and is at an extremely dangerous location.

It would help to bring a small step stool or box and make sure you are up to date on your tetanus shots. If you are in pretty good shape this could be a fun and adventurous hunt.

Enter the abandoned train on side facing the Harbor Bridge. When you get on it you will see an exterior door in front of the interior door. Enter the train. Once you enter the room rotate 108 degrees to your right. Close the door. Look down and you should see a thin panel covering a metal grate. Behind that grate you will discover the "Valdino and his 52 Assistants" Letterbox. Please leave one playing card in the letterbox. The idea is to complete one complete deck of cards.