Rolling Duck  LbNA # 63969

Ownermaximum extreme    
Placed DateJun 28 2012
LocationMcFee Park, Farragut, TN
Found By
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Hike Distance?

Go to the Fort gate at the Mcfee park.

Go to the stockade made of thin blue bricks.

Go to the level of blackness above using the wall to your left side.

Go down the stairs made of geometric figures.

Go up the small mountain to your left and spy the alphabet made of hands.

Go down the bending slope to the left.

Go to the wall of chains with holes.

Go to the triple image of a seat for many.

Spy the place to splash aond go there.

Look for the bushes nestled around the seven pillars of nature.

Spy with your keen eagle eye a rock in the bushes guarded by leaves.

Open to the first page and read!