Fly High, Reach the Sky  LbNA # 63999

Placed DateFeb 3 2013
LocationMiddle School, Gladstone, OR
Found By twinkle
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

From back of school, find bridge along foot path through woods.
From here scan the school yard for a baseball backstop, walk to home plate.
Standing on Home plate, with the school to your back, notice an obvious stum standing among the trees, walk to the stump.
From the stump, facing the green million year old giants (not speaking of the trees, something else)..., take 19 (8 year old) steps towards them.
From here there should be a trio of trees, the box lay at the base of the furthest to the left tree in this trio.
It's hidden perty well. You have to reach in to retrieve. May want to wear gloves. Stamp is in a sealed baggie. No ink pad, must bring your own.
This is our first time hiding a letterbox, would love feedback. Happy Letterboxing.