Mud Hen Marsh  LbNA # 6401

OwnerM&8 X    
Placed DateNov 4 2003
LocationGalena, OH
Found By the Macaroonees
Last Found Aug 10 2008
Hike Distance?

Mud Hen Marsh

*** clues need to be updated to accommodate changes in the landscape*** please check back soon *** (4-18-06)

Mud Hen Marsh is a wildlife nature center located on Big Walnut Rd. near the corner it forms with Sunbury Rd. in the Westerville/Galena area. You can get to it from several different directions. If you are coming from the east, you can take I270 to 161E to Sunbury Rd. north. Follow Sunbury Rd. several miles until you see Big Walnut Rd. Turn left and Mud Hen Marsh will be just ahead on the left. If you are coming from the north, you can take I270 to 71N and exit Polaris Pkwy. heading east. Follow Polaris (soon it will become Maxtown Rd.) until it dead-ends into Sunbury Rd. Turn left and follow Sunbury Rd. until you see Big Walnut Rd. Turn left and Mud Hen Marsh will be just ahead on the left.

On the south end of the parking lot there is the beginning of a dirt/gravel trail. Follow this trail through the wildlife preserve until you reach the look-out shelter. Take several minutes to go inside, enjoy the view and read up on the flora and fauna. Once outside again, look for the small path through the weeds on the north side of the building. This will take you down to a larger path that leads out to the water. Stop several paces (1 pace = 2 steps) before the shoreline and turn north. About 10 paces away is a wooden "Danger" sign. From that sign face 40 degrees and follow the path until you come to the 2nd birdhouse. Follow the shoreline for another 24 paces. Turn 130 degrees and walk 5 paces into the thicket of trees. Face due north and look straight ahead. There should be a big tree, and on its right side is a fallen log. Look under the closest end of this log for a "Mud Hen". Please conceal carefully when finished.

E-mail me to let me know how the "little fellow" is doing.

P.S. Rumor has it that there is more that one "Mud Hen" in this marsh.