Gem and Mineral Show 2013  LbNA # 64021

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateFeb 10 2013
LocationKino Sports Complex, Tucson, AZ
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Feb 7 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 8 2015

While down for the 9th annual event, I was able to make it over to the gem and mineral show for a couple hours, so I planted this one near one of the venues. Take Forgeus Ave south from E Ajo Way to E Milber St, and turn right and park at the end of the street. You may have to go right through the parking lot then south to Milber St. Walk back towards the freeway and go right (NW) along the freeway, but keep a good distance away. Heading towards the baseball fields, you will pass a metal building with some fenced in areas, and come to a buried fiber cable sign post, labeled “5263+95”. This gem can be found 15 feet at 160 degrees at the base of a tree covered with a flat rock.
(NOTE: I was rushed planting the box and am not really happy with where I placed it. If you find the location to be difficult to be discreet, when the Gem show is there or gone, let me know, and I will try to get it moved. Thank you.)