Foolish Faces  LbNA # 64037

Placed DateFeb 16 2013
Location460 Ozier Road, Pinson, TN
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Apr 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Planted for the Foolish In April Letterboxing event in Jackson, TN at the Pinson Mounds State Archeological Park on starting at 10 am, April 13, 2013. Meet at the large Covered Picnic Shelter #2 for exchanges and clues sharing. Boxes will be left in place following the Foolish Event. Make sure you have a map to the park for you to appreciate the areas of interest. The walk is 2.5 miles round-trip. Log book is placed in the first box only, so be sure to log in at the first box. All boxes are generally covered with a piece of broken brick and leaves, etc.

1. Start out behind the museum on the paved path, in the direction of Saul's Mound #9. Once you reach Saul's Mound, you will come to a circle path around Saul's Mound. Facing the Saul's Mound #9 sign, turn right on this circle path, then take your next right away from Saul's Mound #9. Take 60 steps and come to a huge 4 trunk tree on the right. Box is within the center of the 4 trunks.

2. Turn around and walk back to the circle path around Saul's Mound #9. Turn right on the circle path around Saul's Mound #9 and go 60 steps. (At this point, you will be behind Saul's Mound #9 and near the steps that go up to the top of Saul's Mound #9.) Face the tree line on the right and see a large 3-trunked tree. Box is Behind the three truck tree. (Btw, we found a geocache under the steps while searching for places to hide our letterboxes).

3. Return back to the front of Saul's Mound #9, facing it again, this time turn left on the circle path. Stop at the first big cedar tree on the left. Look forward, about 40 steps into the tree line see the biggest tree. The box is about hip level, tucked between the 2 trunks, in a hole about the size of your fist.

4. Continue around the circle trail, this time taking your first left in the direction of the Eastern Citadel. Then continue following the signs in the direction of the Eastern Citadel. Go 32 steps past the Mound 10 sign. On the right is a cluster of trees, surrounding a very low stump of what must have been a very huge tree in the past. The box is on the inside of this low stump at the point closest to the paved trail you are on.

5. Continue along the path toward the Eastern Citadel, there is a long straight portion of the paved trail, about a quarter mile. (As you are walking, you can see the roofs of the group camp on the left.) Continue on until you turn right onto a gravel path with a sign for the Eastern Citadel. Take 20 steps onto the gravel path and see the largest tree on the right about 20 steps off the path. Box is in a hole on the back side of the tree, close to where the end of a different fallen tree is in front of the hole.

6. Continue to follow the gravel path toward the Eastern Citadel. Gravel Path turns to the left and then to the right. When gravel path turns to the right, there is a sign for the Geometric Enclosure. Stand and face the sign. Turn around and see a bundle of about 9 larger trees growing together. Box is in the center of the bundle of 9 larger trees.

7. Continue to follow the gravel path. Reach the sign for Mound 29. Walk around to the right side of Mound 29 to a grouping of trees and 4 waist high stumps. Box is in the smaller stump on the left front.

8. Now turn back and take the gravel path back to the paved path you were on before. Continue in the direction of Mound 28. Very shortly is a wood bench. Go behind the bench. Take 7 steps straight back from the bench, and then turn left and take 12 more steps. to a bundle of bushes with a hole in the middle. Box is wedged in between trunks of the bush at the base of the bushes.

9. Continue on paved path again toward Mound 28. Just before you get to the Mound 28 sign, turn right on the gravel path that goes around Mound 28. On the left is a huge grandfather tree. 50 steps after the grandfather tree is a tree with 4 thick trunks on the left on the side of the mound. Box is in a stump on the side of the 4 thick trunked tree.

Go back to the paved path and continue along the paved path through the group camp and follow the museum signs to make your way back to where you started, behind the museum.