Chalk Ridge Summit  LbNA # 64052

Placed DateFeb 20 2013
LocationChalk Ridge Falls Park, Belton, TX
Found By zturtle
Last Found May 11 2013
Hike Distance?

From I-35, exit and go west on FM2484 for one mile. Turn right on FM1670 adn go north for 3.5 miles. Look for the park entry on the right, turn in and wind down to parking area and park.

To the letterbox:
Take the large Nature Trail path until you reach the bridge (before you reach the bridge, you will see damage that was done to the path due to weather, follow to the right where the new path is; this will take you to the bridge). Cross bridge. Go left on far side and go to junction. Go left, look at falls, then continue down and cross small bridge on right, then cross the swinging bridge. Go RIGHT on small path, following it up the rocky hill. (Past LB Little River Fort). Continue up main rocky path that veers to left. When path forks take it to the right. Once to top, Path Y's at broken cedar tree; take a left. You will come upon a big split cedar. What you seek will be in the middle of split burried under leaf litter. *You will know you are in correct location because there are a bunch of yuka plants behind the cedar.