Year of the Snake  LbNA # 64056

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateFeb 10 2013
LocationPewaukee, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jun 21 2015
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 18-JUN-15 (clues updated)

Location: snommiS sdooW, Pewaukee, Waukesha, WI

Distance: ~ 1 mile roundtrip

Terrain: Dirt/wood trail with some gentle ascent/descent

Around the globe, the Chinese New Year celebrations will take place based on February 10th 2013, which is the start of the Lunar New Year. Preparations for the New Year often begin during the last month of the lunar year. It is an auspicious occasion, and great detail is taken in its readiness. The home must be cleaned thoroughly. The past year's dirt is swept away, and clutter is straightened out. This is done so that negative aspects of the past year are not brought forward to the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, family members must return to the parent's home for a special meal together. Various foods are prepared and eaten because of their symbolic significances. The food must be abundant, and there must be some left over at the end of the meal. The New Year will therefore start with plenty. It is hoped that there then will be abundance throughout the year.

In Chinese Astrology there are five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and twelve animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) forming a complete cycle of sixty. This means there are five different types of Snake years: wood snake, fire snake, earth snake, metal snake and water snake. 2013 is a Water/Black Snake year.

The year of the Snake is a somewhat changeable year, filled with preparation, contemplation and much reflection. Often breakthroughs are made but achieved in silence. Generally the Snake year is not a calm year, possibly a year of sharp dealings and turmoil. To sum up: the year of the snake is the strongest most negative force of all of the signs.

People born under the sign of the Snake tend to be intellectual, superstitious, skeptical and astute. They have elegance, innate wisdom, and possibly some levels of supernatural capability. Snake people rarely seek independent advice or advice from others, possibly because on the whole they don't communicate well with others. They tend to be very private people, but when they are riled they like to "settle old scores". Generally they are very deliberate about whatever they say. They like to think first and speak later and they also have a cautious business sense. It is in their nature to be very unremitting and suspicious and this results in a character that is both slow to forgive, highly calculative, somewhat hateful in nature and can certainly bide their time in order to reap their revenge. Other features include leading dangerous lives that are full of thrills and intrigue, yet they keep a firmness of purpose and a clear presence of mind.

General Snake characteristics: Charming, romantic, have excellent manners and like to be in control. They are skillful communicators and have a good temper, yet are calculating and often conservative and suspicious. They love books, photography, music, clothes, fine food, and luxurious furnishings. They have the patience to wait for the right moment to achieve their goals. Calm and attentive to the desires of their conquests, they’re known as experts in the art of seduction. Their intuition guides them strongly and they have the ability to choose a companionship that gives them strong support and love.

Traits for specific Snake years:

FIRE – Jan 23, 1917 to Feb 10, 1918 and Feb 18, 1977 to Feb 6, 1978 Traits: self-assured, masterful, motivated by authority and power, wary and unbending.

WOOD – Feb 4, 1905 to Jan 24, 1906 and Feb 2, 1965 to Jan 20, 1966 Traits: constant, discreet, serious, fascinating, and motivated by understanding and accord.

EARTH – Feb 10, 1929 to Jan 29, 1930 and Feb 6, 1989 to Jan 26, 1990 Traits: traditional, trusty, is motivated by rationality, unrelenting and dependable.

METAL – Jan 27, 1941 to Feb 14, 1942 and Jan 24, 2001 to Feb 11, 2002 Traits: scheming, vigorous, cautious and motivated by commitment.

WATER - Feb 14, 1953 to Feb 2, 1954 and Feb 10, 2013 to Jan 30, 2014 Traits: inquiring, money oriented, a thinker, motivated by "insight" and is "patient".

Make your preparations for the year by walking through an entryway and cautiously continue on the main path to top of hill. Take the right fork and wind your way through the woods on a snaky trail full of thrills and intrigue. If you are calm and attentive you will notice an arrow guiding you left. Take the advice but then follow your own intuition and take the next right. Travel along looking for information about where a snake might live (___ ___ ___ ___ Count the letters in the 4 words. This is “S”). Continue onward while you astutely ignore any side trails in the meadow. Follow the path as it curves left past a slinky boundary. When you reach a decision point, head left/straight if “S” is an odd number or head right if “S” is an even number. Follow it and keep a firmness of purpose and a clear presence of mind until you arrive at a large tree on the left. Your patience and calculating has been rewarded and this is now the right moment to achieve your goal! The snake you seek slithered into the twisted multi-trunk southeast of the large tree. After discreetly making his acquaintance, return to the decision point. Head northeast and then take a self-assured right after a short distance. Make an unrelenting uphill trek, staying to the right until you reach a bench. Turn right and then curve around, passing some benches along the way. Finally, your instinct is correct if you choose to take a right at a Y and a right at a T.

In honor of the Snake, you may want to start/end your search with a meal at the nearby Asiana (approximately 1/2 miles east on Capital Drive).

"Kung Hei Fat Choi!" (Cantonese for "Congratulations and be prosperous!")

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