Solar System - Saturn  LbNA # 64084

Placed DateJan 31 2012
LocationColt State Park, Bristol, RI
Found By my four girls
Last Found Jul 30 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 4 2015

Solar System - Saturn

This is a series of letterboxes based on our Solar System.
The boxes are placed to scale by distance from the Sun. 1 mile = 1AU.
Bring your own ink, dark blue or purple looks best.

THE SUN: Weetamoo Woods in Tiverton, RI
Inner Planets: Weetamoo Woods in Tiverton, RI
Asteroid Belt: Fort Barton in Tiverton, RI
Jupiter: Founders Brook, Portsmouth, RI
Saturn: Colt State Park, Bristol, RI
Uranus: East Providence, RI
Neptune: Plymouth, MA
Pluto: Kingston, MA


Enter Colt State Park and follow the road over the bridge and along the water.
Park at the large lot by picnic sites 1-7. Take the trail past the wooden gate, then take your first left. Follow this trail until you reach the tree marking the blue and yellow trails. Once at the tree, stay right on the Yellow trail. Cross a stone wall, stay left at a fork in the trail, then pass through one of the tallest stone walls I've seen.

Continue to follow this trail for another minute, you will pass a many-trunked tree with a small trail on the right. Follow this game trail past a few holes, until it makes a sharp right turn down the hill. There is a row of rocks on the right, Saturn is under one of the first ones, behind a stone and some sticks.