The Fall of Gondolin  LbNA # 64097

Placed DateFeb 23 2013
LocationOld Mount Ord Road, Payson, AZ
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The Fall of Gondolin

A 5 mile roundtrip hike with ascent of 1300 feet will be required. Start at the beginning of the Mount Ord road, which is just off the northbound highway 87 at the bottom of Slate Creek Canyon. This is near the Ord Mine and is FR 27. Hike up this road. About 1.85 miles is a surveying benchmark entitled "Slate" Continue another .5 miles. You will see a 4 foot high rock wall on your right. Just after this wall, the road turns 180 degrees to the right. You will instead walk out on a turn around, and follow a game trail downhill for a total of 195 feet from the road to a rockpile. Total distance is 5 miles up and back.
The following GPS waypoints may help:
Parking: N 33° 57.605 W 111° 23.897
Leave road: N 33° 56.933 W 111° 23.858
Letterbox location N 33° 56.935 W 111° 23.819
Note that this is also a geocache letterbox hybrid.