Crockett's Cap  LbNA # 64101

OwnerGhost of IRA Boxer    
Placed DateFeb 28 2013
LocationBuescher State Park, Smithville, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Nov 10 2013
Hike Distance?

My favorite memories of letterboxing all seem to involve that silly little Baby Bear. I guesss my favorite one is when I ended up with the Texas Tour Bus 2. Baby Bear was determined to get it from me and dared me to place it near his house in Cypress, Texas. Funny place for a bear, if you ask me. Being a ghost, I know quite a few famous dead historical figures, including that famous bear hunter, Davy Crockett, so I gave him a call. It seems he was in need of a new cap, since his raccoon skin hat was purty near wore out, from years of use. Being a bear hunter (he boasted that he "killed him a b'ar when he was only 3). What he didn't tell you was that it was the bear that was only 3, not him. He liked 'em young, especially for bearskin caps, due to the size being for fitting for his head. I told him that if he wanted to take a ride on the Tour Bus, I'd be sure he got that b'ar skin he was looking for. I took that Bus right over to Cypress and hid it under the hedge in front of his house. Even lb_Bozo and Love Bunny were in on it. Well, that little bear about had a fit when he read on the Texas letterbox board that the box was in his front yard. It tickles me pink to aggravate that mean little bear.

Make your way to Buescher State Park near Smithville, Texas, pay your fee and get a trail map. Drive from the park north on Park Road 1C. There's a parking spot on the left just past the UT M. D. Anderson road. Check your trail map. Walk back to the UTMDA road and turn left onto the trail. Walk about a half mile north on the trail until you come to a "tee". Turn back and walk 40 steps the way you came, then go right off the trail for 20 steps to a leaning gnarly oak tree. On the back of the tree, on the ground and under rocks you're liable to find Davy Crockett's bearskin hat.