Bizarre Texas Boxers: Purple People Eater  LbNA # 64104

Placed DateMar 1 2013
LocationSmithville, TX
Found By (hidden)
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Bizarre Texas Boxers: Purple People Eater
Music Box #15 by Viewfinder

This letterbox was created for TALE 10-A Tale of TALES.

Ten years in Texas Letterboxing have brought some very unique and sometimes downright bizarre letterboxers into our collective midst, including letterboxing Eagles, Bears, Moose (Meese?), Lions (the Celtic species), Coyotes, Ghosts, Clowns, Gyphons, Scarlet Pimpernels (tres difficile!), Samurais, Butterflies, Armadillos, Aliens (the space kind who travel in UFOs and have been known to eat beignets and mess with boxes) -- and no small number of Purple People. Of particular concern to this last group might be the creature made famous by Sheb Wooley in the 1950's: the One-Eyed One-Horn Flying Purple People Eater, who EATS purple people, and who just wants to play in a rock and roll band. Who knew that the Purple People Eater is also a letterboxing fiend as well! Watch out on the trails and in the woods for the Purple People Eater! Listen for his strange call: "bop bop aloo bop alop bam boom! Te-qui--la..." BEWARE OUT THERE!

To find the box: From Hwy 71, go north on FM 153 for .5 mile, then left into Buescher SP. Stop at office to pay and pick up map of park. Drive on Park Road 1E past the Recreation Hall and the Cozy Circle Camping Area. Park in the small lot on left for walk-in sites 61-65. The Buescher Hiking Trail is a little further on right. From the kiosk at the trailhead, walk about 7 or 8 minutes to a wide clearing (buried gasline easement). Cross the easement on the trail, but stop at the trail sign before re-entering the woods and turn to your right. Walk about 25-30 steps uphill (to upir right) along the treeline to a large, slanting tree (probably oak?) with a cedar right at its back. Look behind this slanted tree at the base for a SPOR... part of which is there to prevent the box from washing away. You'll only need to remove the larger top rock on the right of the SPOR for find the box. Please replace any rocks you remove carefully to protect this little fiendish creature! Thanks!