Grade 3 in Havana  LbNA # 64105

Placed DateMar 1 2013
LocationParque Almendares, Havana, CUB
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The Grade 3 Class from the International School of Havana left 5 letterboxes in Parque Almendares.

The Peace Club
First go to Parque Almendares. If you don’t know where to go, take a cab. When you get there, there will be two directions. Go to the playground. It’s at the end between two swing sets. There you will find stiff plants and it’s between 2 stones. It’s hiding in the smallest, stiffest plant. There you will find the box with “Peace Club” written on it.

The Super Stars
Our letterbox is in the Northwest corner of the park close to the road and the sidewalk. You can see a green house. You will see two big banyan trees grown together. In the tallest tree in a hole up high behind some sticks our box will be.

The Golden Dragons
Go to the Mini Golf Course by the playground. When you find number 9, everything’s fine. At the right there is a hole in the fence. That’s where you’ll find our letterbox.

The Mystery Solvers
Walk towards the Cafeteria Parrillada near the river. There are two green benches and one huge tree in the middle. Duck down where you see a lot of leaves between the roots of the tree. Our letterbox is hidden here.

The Royal Cats
Next to the round green wooden cafeteria is the biggest tree. Go inside the tree and look out. To your left is a transparent letterbox.