Mud Hen Marsh II  LbNA # 6411

Placed DateNov 8 2003
LocationGalena, OH
Found By blueant/goldendragon
Last Found Oct 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Mud Hen Marsh II

Box currently believed to be missing. Last few attempts have not found it.

M&8 X and EagleEyes have a combined adventure - even if it is an easy one.

Mud Hen Marsh II is the second box in a 2 box series. So how do you find Mud Hen Marsh II?

You have to find Mud Hen Marsh to start this one...

From Mud Hen Marsh, continue following the pond to the 2nd bird house. Take the trail on your right. Follow this trail until it dead ends and intersects with another trail. Take a right turn onto this trail. In just a short walk, you will come to a trail on your left. Follow this trail to the left.

As you are walking on this trail, you will soon come upon another trail that veeres off to your right. Follow this trail. Now comes the tricky part!

After about 38 steps, you will find a small deer/animal trail on your right. Follow this trail into the woods for about 12 steps. Look off to your left just past some big trees. On the ground, you will see a couple of red tile drainage pipes. Make your way to the drainage pipes and look under one of them.

You have found Mud Hen Marsh II! Enjoy!

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