Rox Box  LbNA # 64136

Placed DateMar 9 2013
LocationIndian Rocks Beach, FL
Found By The Sugar Ants
Last Found Feb 9 2014
Hike Distance?

Rox Box

to find this letter box in indian rox
first find the boulevard that lines its beach.
numbered streets punctuate its length,
to walk from one end to the other would sap your strength.
so find the middle, if you will, and spot the condos named
for mona lisa’s maker.
a park rests at its feet (and across the street).
a bus stops there, too, if you care to wait.

enter the park and amble east,
pause to watch pups at play in their own dogspace, woof, woof,
then find a picnickers and potters’ sheltered perch beyond, just to its right
a winding concrete path.
over a bridge then and to a secluded gazebo at last.
rest for a bit, enjoy the silence, then take stock of the circle you’re in.
find two palms joined like siblings; they nod to the preserve and
boardwalk in the distance.
look in these two trees’ embrace; perhaps you’ll find the
Rox Box hiding from your gaze.