Two Lonely Benches  LbNA # 64142 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSparky & Baxter    
Placed DateMar 7 2013
Location9350 W. Northern, Glendale, AZ
Found By AZGirl
Last Found Feb 11 2014
Hike Distance?

From I10, travel north on the 101 freeway on the west side of Phoenix and take the Northern avenue exit. Turn right and go to 91st Avenue and turn left. Turn into the Target shopping plaza.

On the right side, you will notice an area with two lonely park benches. On the left side there is an Auto Zone and you can park in their lot and walk across to the benches. Sit anywhere. Beware: The branches of the trees have stickers!!!

As you are sitting, notice the light pole on the north side of the two-bench area. The light pole has #84 on it. The letterbox is buried just under the surface on the north side of the light pole.

When you have finished with your stamping and recording your information, please put the letterbox back together and place it where you found it and make sure it’s covered so no one can see it.

Be cautious!! Watch out for dangerous desert critters!!!! Let us know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing. Also, record your find at or at We would love to hear what you think. ENJOY!!!!