NoeWay Out of Turtle Cove  LbNA # 64149

Placed DateMar 10 2013
LocationWaldron Park, Flour Bluff, TX
Found By Asystole
Last Found Mar 16 2013
Hike Distance?

Drive East Bound on South Padre Island Drive. Turn right on Waldron Rd. Right on Glenoak. Left on St.Joseph. Left on St. Peter. Right on St.Francis. You will see Waldron Park on your left now. Park at the dead end on St. Francis. Time to hike for your treasure. Follow the sidewalk to the pavillion and on to the wooden pier. Have a seat on the bench on the right at the end of this pier. Slide as far left as you can on the pier and enjoy the view. See if you can spot any Red Eared Sliders. These turtles are very skittish and have already seen you coming. :) Your turtle treasure is directly below you hidden in the posts under the pier in a green canister. Enjoy. (enclosed is a stamp and a toy exchange enjoy either or both.)