Long Reach Preserve  LbNA # 6415

Placed DateNov 9 2003
LocationLong Reach Preserve, Harpswell, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Apr 23 2016
Hike Distance?

Length: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Clues: Easy
Needs: Bring a pen or pencil
Additional Note: These boxes contain the stamps placed at the Maine Gathering 2003

Directions to the trail: Driving south on Route 24 to Great Island, you'll see a completely fenced in ball field but without the school. Off to the right, out in straight away center field, is a trail called Long Reach Preserve.

Stop at the kiosk and check out the maps which may have faded (As of August 2007 tail maps provided). Not to worry following the path is easy when you keep your eyes on markers. Begin your walk. In a little while you will be standing between the two ends of a stone wall take 6 steps forward, turn right. Go 17 more steps. Off to the right hand side you will see another stone wall being held together by a small rock. Here hides "Sea Gulls BB" (stamp repaired). Re-hide carefully. Go back to where you began taking the 17 steps.

Walk straight forward taking the first right to continue on the trail. Go over a small bridge. Soon you will see a huge stone cube with a birch in front. Stand with this birch on your left and a stone on the right. This stone harbors the "Portland Seadogs LB". Re-hide carefully. Get back on the trail again.

Walk for quite a while coming to 3 man-made log steps. Then, further along, go up a ledge and a root step. Eventually you will come to a lovely view! Step toward where the sun might rise. You are facing east. Now look towards the southwest. Under the tree is the "First Light LB". Please be sure to cover with leaves and then a rock and sprinkle with more leaves. (this box spot was changed because of ants in the former spot).

Get back on the trail. You will pass an unmarked death stone on the right. Walk passed it as you are not ready for that to be carved yet! Walk until you come to a leaning mossy tree; at it's bottom is an old mossy log. Walk to the other neck of the log. You will find "Moose-a-Muffin LB" underneath away from the moisture. Stamp in being careful not to be seen. Re-hide carefully.

Back on the trail. Walk through a pine area and along the water which is on your right. Eventually you will see a "beehive" in a tree. Wow! Stop and count forward 7 steps (being careful not to get stung by any "bees"). Turn right. A flat stone at the foot of an oak hides "Bees in a Belfry BB" under it. Stamp in and re-hide carefully. Read the log carefully after stamping in. There are now 2 log books for this series.

Continue to the destination to see the shore view. This is all free of charge and with stamps too!! After a quick snack, head on back to the head of the trail as there is one more box to search for...but to no avail. This last box is now a hitchhiker. It is the Maine Gathering HH of 2003. Given some time you may meet up with it yet and you'll then have the complete set!!! Have Fun!!!

You will need rubber boots as it may get wet in the spring. In the fall wear orange just in case. Although there is no hunting allowed, I am always cautious of hunters not knowing where or who they are.