Hidden Kitten  LbNA # 64153

Placed DateMar 11 2013
LocationPaul Hopkins Community Park, Dickinson, TX
Found By Yertle
Last Found May 28 2013
Hike Distance?

The Hidden Kitten Box is a a special box that I placed for my family and I to remember Charlie, a great cat that we found when I was younger. We found him near where the letterbox is hidden. He died a few years ago. This box is like a memorial to Charlie. Please take very good care of this box; for Charlie.

From I-45, exit on FM 517. Go East (right). Go through the first light. Just after the bridge, turn right into Paul Hopkins Community Park.

To The Letterbox:
Walk all the way down to the end of the parking lot. You should be able to see a trail that leads into different directions. Walk down the left side of the path. Keep bearing left until you reach a blue trash can. Turn left and you will see a small, wooden fence. Walk towards the gate of the fence. On the lower left post, there should be some shrubbery. Carefully reach down to the bottom of the post and the box is hiding there. Carefully pick the box up. You may replace the treasure that is in the box with a treasure of your own. Be aware of little critters that might be trying to open the box too. :)

When returning the box, please place a rock or a stick against it so that it won't fall over or float away if there is flooding. Also, please don't take the treasure in the box if you don't have a treasure to trade for it.
Thank You, PandaLover