Wilderness GS  LbNA # 64184

OwnerWilderness GS    
Placed DateMar 10 2013
LocationWilderness Lodge, Land O Lakes, FL
Found By jldh
Last Found Apr 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Wilderness Letter Box Clues:
Drive 1 mile to the Wilderness Lake Preserve Lodge Parking Lot.
Once you get on your feet and out of the car, follow the bear tracks in the sidewalk to the Nature Center.
Open the door and check out all the animals!
Turn right and open the green door.
Walk into the screened porch with the picnic tables and go out the back door.
Turn right on the wooden boardwalk.
At the end of the boardwalk turn right and go off the beaten path.
At the Aligator turn around and look under the boardwalk to find Troop 497’s Letter Box Clues.
Hope you had fun!

If the building is locked, never fear! Follow the tracks until the sidewalk splits, go on the green between the two buildings, over the sidewalk and the aligator you'll find. Follow above directions from there!