Live Oak  LbNA # 64225

OwnerFunky monkey    
Placed DateMar 25 2013
LocationGlenwood Cemetery, Houston, TX
Found By Jen da Wren
Last Found Jul 3 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 19 2015

Difficulty: Easy

The “Live Oak” letterbox is hidden in beautiful Glenwood Cemetery. Glenwood’s collection of statuary and monuments are reminders of Houston’s rich history and the men and women who shaped it. Included among them are the last President of the Republic of Texas, four Governors, and more than twenty Houston Mayors, along with founders of major oil companies, religious and professional leaders, and others who have made significant contributions to Houston.

At the back of the cemetery, in the Forest Mound section, where among graves dating to the 1910s, the Cemetery Oak continues to thrive — a live oak that's very much alive, there among the dead. The sixty-four feet tall tree has a trunk as wide as a Volkswagen. Like all old live oaks that are allowed to grow as they will, its twisty, fern-covered branches stretch farther outward than upward. The lower ones do their darnedest to brush the ground.

Directions: From Interstate 10 Eastbound (traveling east toward downtown)
Exit IH-10 at Studemont (Exit 767A). Turn right on Studemont and drive 0.5 miles to Washington Avenue. Turn left on Washington Avenue and drive 0.3 miles to the Glenwood gates on the right.

To the letterbox: Find the huge live oak in the Southeast corner of the cemetery. Park near the Seale family plot & bench. While you are here, take the time to walk around the tree and enjoy its grandeur. From the Seale plot, walk north on the road approximately 90-95 steps. Go to the 2 yellow posts on your left and locate George & Eunice Sweet. On their right is a hollowed out tree with the letterbox inside the base.