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Placed DateMar 31 2013
Location204 E Main St, Sedan, KS
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The Emmett Kelly Museum is located in the Historic 1896 Opera House in Sedan, KS, the hometown of his birth. Born in 1898, Emmett Kelly originated the widely famous clown, Weary Willie. Weary Wilie is a tragic figure, his image is based on hobos from the depression era. In the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, his performances as a weary, down and out clown diverged from the traditional clown figures of the times, that wore white face, and performed slapstick comedy routines. He appealed to the sympathy of crowds for his famous routine of trying but failing to sweep up the pool of light of a spotlight in the circus rings after the performances of the other circus acts.

For more information, here is the website of the museum, http://emmettkellymuseum.com and if they are not open when you get there, there is a phone number on the door to contact. To find the Letterbox, once inside the door of the museum, on the right is a map where visitors can mark where they are from. The letterbox is located on a table below the map.