Mountain Monster  LbNA # 64254

Placed DateMar 27 2013
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationKananaskis Village, Kananaskis Village, ALB
Planted BySerenity Now    
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This is a shortish (about 4-5 km return), kid-friendly hike near Kananaskis Village. It winds through a forest, along a creek, to Troll Falls. It is accessible in winter and the frozen waterfall is lovely -- it’s great in the summer too, but very different! The Mountain Monster waits for you near the falls at the end of the hike (we thought the troll could use some company).

**Note: Be sure to wear footwear that can get wet and that has good grip. Also, we have heard that this trail can get very icy in spring.


To reach the Troll Falls hike, take Highway 1 from Calgary towards Canmore. Turn off at Highway 40 towards Kananaskis Village. Proceed for 25 kilometers south on Highway 40 and turn right at the Kananaskis Village Turnoff. Drive straight and take the first right turnoff which is a gravel road to the Stoney Trail Day Use Area. You will come to a parking area. The trailhead is on the other side of the gate blocking vehicle access to the Hay Meadows. There is a trail map at the start of the hike. Take the route for Troll Falls.

Letterbox Clues:

Once you reach Troll Falls and are facing the waterfall, look to your left. There is a path that climbs up alongside the rock wall. You’ll see a protruding root at the top of the path. Step over it and walk about 6 paces further along the path. Look for a heart shape with K + J etched in the rock wall (it’s about 6 ft up from the ground). Slightly further along the path (about half a foot) is the start of a crevice right at the base of the rock wall. The letterbox is tucked behind some rocks in this crevice. Note: if you’ve continued on the path down the hill, you’ve gone too far.

The trickiest thing about this find may be the muggles. This can be a highly populated area, especially in the summer, so stealth may be necessary.

Please be sure to return the box to its original location and to check that it is hidden from view. Thanks and happy letterboxing!