Spring Break Fun  LbNA # 64256

OwnerBeach Gardens Academ    
Placed DateMar 18 2013
LocationSedgwick County Park, Wichita, KS
Found By Aztek Sun
Last Found May 19 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 10 2015

ABC 123
It's as easy as can be.
He can read
My youngest can
This box is hid for him.

Head to play
Where all can play
Big and small
Short and tall
Abilities all different
But look to the left (east)
There's a path
Follow it and stay to the right
Stay on the path
But wait what fun is that?
There's an unmarked trail
Let's go off track and head west (right)
See the rain gulley/drainage ditch
Now look to the pond and step to it
But look-See the tree that looks
Like it is snaking up the other tree.
Just before is a wee little tree
With little fairy stages all around
Reach in toward the trunk,
The fairies are kind
And the trolls don't bite
See! Easy as ABC!
Please be sure to nestle back into its spot and cover up with leaves.