Bridal Veil Post Office  LbNA # 64260

OwnerNW Adventurer    
Placed DateMar 31 2013
LocationBridal Veil Post Office I-84 @ Exit 28, Bridal Veil, OR
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Jun 16 2015
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Bridal Veil Post Office

Bridal Veil had, at one time, many residential and industrial buildings. The original 1800's post office, which celebrated it's 125th year in 2012, moved in the 1930's, into a tiny building that once was a mill toolshed. At 10'-14', it's one of the country's smallest post offices. Every so often, the federal government tries to close down the office, but public outcry stays them. When mail is sent from Bridal Veil, the name of the town appears on the postmark. For many years a trend has existed for wedding invitations to be passed through here for just that reason. Each wedding season the post office hand-stamps stacks of invitations that can number into the hundreds of thousands.

Stop by and see this tiny wonderful treasure right off I-84 in the Columbia River Gorge (The box location and Post Office is 26 miles east of Portland. To get there, head east on Interstate 84 and take exit 28. The post office is on the right.) You may want to Bring some cash with you and buy a few stamps to help keep this adorable post office in business. When you exit the P.O. look across the gravel parking lot and to the right, there's a gravel/dirt road that exits the back of the lot. Meander up that road a few paces (aprox 60 steps once you're off the parking lot and on the road) until you reach a power-line maintenance road. Veer Left ! You're so close! At THAT intersection, as you're rounding LEFT under the power lines, pause and look to your left. The box is there.... can you see it? Step your way to the tree that is somewhat 'Y' shaped near the bottom... In the crook of the moss covered tree, a few feet off the ground, lies the stamp that you've been looking for....

This box sits comfortably in it's resting spot and can be seen as you're walking up the short roadway. You probably won't see it, but in time the box may become more visible.... please let me know if the paint starts wearing off, I don't want it to be seen, nor do I want to move it. It's the perfect little hiding spot.