A Story Worth Telling  LbNA # 64274

Placed DateApr 6 2013
LocationSunset Memorial Gardens -3400 West 28th Street, Greeley, CO
Found By Ramdelt
Last Found Mar 22 2015
Hike Distance?

Graveyards contain stories of many lives, and each story is worth telling.

Drive to Sunset Memorial Gardens (3400 W. 28th St). When you enter past the sign turn right and park on the side of the road near the Court of Honor. Here are the clues:

1. Begin walking the path towards the Court of Honor. Count how many trees you pass on BOTH SIDES.

2. Locate the part of the military with an anchor. On the back of the slab count down on the first column the number of trees you counted. Remember the first name of this person.

3. Leave the Court of Honor and turn right. Walk until you see a statue on the right.

4. Follow the red brick path towards the statue and locate the gravestone with the same first name as the Court of Honor name and the same last name as a Wisconsin sports team.

5. Find the number of years he was married.

6. Go back to the main road and turn right, walking straight along the path past the dirt road and past the sign.

7. When you reach a few steps on the left and a sign reading CHRISTUS, walk up the steps to the white bench.

8. Facing towards the main office building, walk the number of steps as the years he was married.

9. You will arrive at the back of a statue. Walk around to the front of the statue until you see the engraved verse. Use these numbers to figure out the code word: 7-8-25-2 (HINT: Below if you need it)

10. Once you've figured out the 4-letter word, it will be somewhere around the statue. Locate it and look near it for a SPOR (suspicious pile of rocks), where the box is hidden.

PLEASE use caution when placing the rocks back and handling the box. Thank you!!

HINT: Each code number is a letter. Count that letter from Left to Right on the verse on the statue, and record the letter it matches up with.