Tiana's Kiss- temporarily removed  LbNA # 64279 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDragon Breath    
Placed DateApr 6 2013
CountyPalm Beach
LocationWellington Environmental Preserve 3499 Flying Cow Rd., Wellington, FL
Found By TheMasses
Last Found Apr 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Upon arrival at the preserve, you may either park at Parking lot 1 or Parking lot 2. We started at Parking lot 1. There are fully equipped restrooms at each parking lot, but not within the park.

You may either bike, hike or choose to ride a horse through this park. Take the path to the tower. On the way there you will cross 2 boardwalks over water. You will also get to see on your right what looks to be a modern day castle! Don't hurry throught this, there are a multitude of kiosks to stop and learn about the flora and fauna to see here. We had a picnic at one of the many waterside benches provided.

When you get to the tower, call out "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair." Just joking. When you get to the tower, notice the kiosk closest to the tower. On the back side of it there are pine needles which act as a mulch. Remove the pine needles to reveal a red tupperwear tucked under the edge of the kiosk. inside you will find the clues that will tell you who Tiana kissed.