A Letter from Limberry  LbNA # 64290

Placed DateApr 7 2013
LocationRaintree Village, Katy, TX
Found By suncassie
Last Found Jan 17 2014
Hike Distance?

A Letter from Limberry

In Katy, Texas

Head north on Fry Road, away from I-10 until you get to Morton Road (10-15 minutes). There will be a Chase Bank on your left, SW corner. Make a left onto Morton Road, headed west. It will take a minute or two, but you will eventually come up to a stop sign. Take a right onto Raintree Village Drive. About 2 blocks up on the left hand side, you will see a very tiny 'pocket park'.

At this small 'pocket park', you will see two benches. Walk west, between the two benches, 225 feet or so. You will notice to the northwest 3 'tanks' or ponds. Two of these tanks run parallel to each other. Head north, down the slope, about 100 feet and begin walking west between the two parallel tanks on either side of you. After about 250 feet of walking in this direction you should come up to a collection of rocks. Cross this section of rocks and ascend the bank to the left of the pipe. At the trail turn left and head south for about 100 steps, then turn right and head west through an opening in the treeline. 3-4 paces past the opening to your left, facing south, at about 30-35 feet, there will be several small trees growing together.