Girl Scout Letterbox  LbNA # 64298

Placed DateApr 21 2013
LocationTom Sykes Rec Center, Charlotte, NC
Found By thumper
Last Found Aug 4 2013
Hike Distance?

Beginning at the entrance of Tom Sykes Rec Center, facing Dilworth Elementary School.
Turn left and walk to the corner of the Rec Center.
Follow the sidewalk and walk to Euclid Avenue (you'll need to cross the street to follow the sidewalk).
Turn left when you reach Euclid Ave.
Walk along Euclid Ave. until you reach the second set of cement stairs on your left.
If you have reached the tennis courts, you've gone too far. Turn back and find the stairs.
Facing the stairs, look to the left of the stairway (you will be looking on the ground versus on the stairway).
You'll find the letterbox buried under leaves and some sticks.