A Bewitching in Fairfield  LbNA # 64299

Placed DateApr 8 2013
LocationFairfield, Cypress, TX
Found By Swagglepuss
Last Found May 4 2013
Hike Distance?

In Cypress, Texas; in the community of Fairfield:

Head west on SH 290 towards Austin. Exit Mueschke Road. Stay on the service road, past the Mueschke intersection. You will see a Buc-cee's gas station on your right-hand side. Continue down the service road about a quarter mile and you will see Fairfield Baptist Church coming up on your right. Slow down and you will see the turn-off into their parking lot.Do not turn into the church lot; immediately after the turn-off you will cross a bridge. Immediately after the bridge, you will see a small paved driveway. Turn right onto this driveway (carefully!) and you will see a small utility station on your right. You can park there for a short time. You will be parked just west of this station. Walk around to reach the east side of the station (maybe 100-120 feet). You will see the bayou, and a collection of rocks laid out down to the creek edge. The letterbox is hidden there. Look towards the middle, and from the north side of the stones. There is one block with a metal pipe sticking out; look 5-6 feet SW from this pipe. Watch your step, and be safe! After a heavy rain this letterbox can be tricky to get to.