Riddle Me This #1  LbNA # 64345

Placed DateApr 17 2013
LocationPennsylvania Military Museum, Boalsburg, PA
Found By Tribute to Pickles
Last Found Apr 27 2013
Hike Distance?

Riddle Me This #1

This is the first in a series of Riddle Boxes to be placed by myself and my nieces. Before each clue is a riddle. Find the box, find the answer.

I am used to bat with yet never get hit. I am near a ball that never gets thrown. What am I?

From the parking lot head toward the Military Museum and go over the bridge leading to the museums entrance. Just afterwards turn left and cross a small lawn heading toward a giant willow tree growing on the banks of Spring Creek. Just before the tree is a low stone wall, step over the wall and onto the path.

Follow the path as it winds along the creek. You will pass a broken cement dam spanning the creek and go through a small grassy break in the woods. On the other side of the clearing continue along the footpath until you come to a covered manhole set just aside from the path.

Facing away from the creek count 14 paces North East, into the woods. Here you will find a single large slanted boulder sticking out of the ground. The letterbox is hidden in a crack, covered by slabs of rock.

If you enjoyed this find check out our second box - Riddle Me This #2 - now hidden ahead, further along Spring Creek path.

This is a rather pleasant path through the woods around the Pennsylvania Military Museum however it can get a bit slippery in spots when the weather is rough. Care should be taken if you are bringing small children.