Holidays Are Here!: St. Patrick's Day 2013  LbNA # 64373 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2013
LocationSandy, OR
Found By twinkle
Last Found Dec 12 2014
Hike Distance?

---------- Updated Clue | 04/06/2014 ----------
Sometime in the last year, our leprechaun friend retrieved his dropped belongings. After much stealthy searching, we discovered his new location.

As he was wandering around he found a creek that “tickled” his fancy. He followed it until he found a lovely pond in which he could splash and swim with his new amphibious friends. Just across the path (as far from the road as possible) he found a tiny bridge where he thought he might persuade a troll to take up residence… Just beyond the bridge (a little past the fence/railing), our leprechaun friend found a tree that seemed to have sprouted from the midst of a stump. He thought this would make a fine home. It even had an upper floor with a fantastic view of the pond!

When he sent out invitations for his St. Patrick’s Day party, the invitation told his friends to find the portion of the path by the red fire hydrant (across from some houses), and to follow it down to the pond.

---------- Old Archived Clue ----------
As I was walking along Industrial Way, I heard singing coming from the bushes. Much intrigued, I followed the sound to the 6th street lamp. When I peered into the bushes between the lamp pole and the street, I startled a wee leprechaun. He appeared to have been keeping an eye on the buildings up the street -- perhaps the Mullihans and he share a spot of brew and swap stories of the Old Country after work? At any rate, in his hurry to avoid capture, he left behind a few things!

To get to the leprechaun's hideout, take Hwy 26, turn onto 362nd (there is a traffic light at the intersection), then turn right onto Industrial Way.

Bring Markers. If you use an ink pad please be kind and clean off.