Brownie Letterbox  LbNA # 64389

OwnerBrownie letterbox    
Placed DateApr 7 2013
LocationCane Creek, Waxhaw, NC
Found By Lukers
Last Found Jul 26 2016
Hike Distance?

Brownie Letterbox

Start in Parking Lot #4 (where the ball field is).
Go to the Visitor side dugout (the dugout on the first base side).
From this dugout, walk out and count off 17 metal fence posts towards right field.
Stop at the 17th post and face the woods (your back to the ball field).
Take 20 steps off the path to the old wooden blank post in the woods off to your right.
At the old wooden post, you will see a large white rock directly to your right.
Go to the rock and stand on it with the ball field still to your back.
Take 8 left diagonal steps off the big white rock to the left (step towards your 10:00 position).
Cross over the creek.
From the point where you cross over the creek, take 20 steps forward. (After you take your first 10 steps, you will step over a downed log with a kink in it).
You will come to a giant leaning tree that has a mossy hill over its roots. There is a little cave made by the roots. The box is under 2 small rocks under a pile of leaves just inside this little cave.

Please let us know if you can’t find it! This is our first letterbox. Thanks!