Q028  LbNA # 64393

Placed DateApr 21 2013
LocationShades Beach, Harborcreek, PA
Found By 2-2 wheelers
Last Found Oct 15 2013
Hike Distance?

Begin your Quest at our Community Park –Shade Beach Complex

The 3 Friends in our Brownie Adventure have a club house way up high
Climb the stairs to the top and see what you can spy.

Look Away from the Lake and it’s stormy weather
Find a family of trees, 1 2 3 all together

The girls in our adventure took action for their park
While you are searching; don’t leave a mark

The cement path will lead you to the trees that you seek
Off to the right is where you should peek

A broken tree trunk with a tree Family of 3 all around
Hides our letterbox up off the ground

During our journey we learned to Explore Link Arms and Fly
After finding our letterbox you might want to give it a try.