Light in the Dark  LbNA # 6443 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 14 2003
Location???, FL
Planted ByCorry    
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 24 2005
Hike Distance?

Status: Retired 10/23/2005
I retired this box because the ant problem seemed to have escalated.

Update: I changed my email address with to one that I check more frequently (changed 8/14/04)

Okay, I am not going to wax all poetic and stuff, I was tempted to just tell you where it is, but I had to make it a little interesting.
Just want all to know, I just heard about letterboxing last night, made a stamp, and placed it today! My previous request to have my stamp scanned and sent back to me has been honored. Thanks Jack.
Someone added a ziplock baggie. Thank you to that unknown person!

Clue#1: 00110011010101101001 BCD
Clue#2: 001100000001 BCD & $townname$ Dr. is 1.0 miles from placement according to yahoo maps
Clue#3: NW corner of streets (breed name of "the shales horse foaled in 1760") and (strong's 4307 [10 letters])
Clue#4: The internet will answer all 3 clues above if you look in the right place.
Clue#5: If you have made it to the correct corner you'll have an iron curtain between you and your goal. Travel just west of the corner until the curtain breaks. Enter and travel back east, again to the corner. Look north. Big as can be, there is a 5 trunked tree. Your prize is beneath the leaves between the 2 southmost trunks.

If you get desparate, email me and I'll give a big hint.
I added the county because I wanted people to see my clues when doing a search from map.

I am considering re-activating this, but I'll have to use some insecticide or something. (6/6/09)