The Hound of Grace  LbNA # 64431

Placed DateApr 29 2013
LocationHistoric Grace Church, Keswick, VA
Found By The Stamp Seekers
Last Found Jul 15 2014
Hike Distance?

On the Gordonsville Road you'll come upon historic Grace Episcopal Church. The present structure stands on the site of one of six colonial churches in Virginia that continue to have an active congregation. Founding father, Thomas Jefferson served as a member of the Vestry of the Fredericksville Parish which included the original church.
The annual Blessing of the Hounds service has been ongoing since 1929, bringing together the age old tradition of foxhunters, their horses and hounds for prayers and thanksgiving.
Upon respectfully entering the church grounds, park in the open area to your left near the road. Walk along the gravel drive. You're on the right path if you see the Sawyer headstone. Stop at Kennedy. Walk around the ivy covered cedar tree and large shrubs and face the 'Good Fight'. Beneath the sheltering shrub and alongside an old marker rests the memory of the blessed hound you seek. Please return him to his covered slumber and be discreet.