Lullwater Easter Egg  LbNA # 6444 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2000
LocationEmory University, Atlanta, GA
Found By SoccerMom
Last Found Mar 2 2008
Hike Distance?

This was actually the first letterbox placed in Georgia back in the year 2000, but for some reason I see it is missing from the site I have added it again and the clues can be found at

Easter Egg Letterbox
Lullwater Park - Emory University - Atlanta, GA

This letterbox was hidden Easter weekend, April 2000. Can you find the hidden Easter egg? Things you will want to bring with you on the hunt: a compass, personal stamp and stamp pad, a handful of crackers or a few pieces of stale bread, pen, paper, a bit of good observation, and the ability to do a little simple math. Please see the Notes below for more important information.

Start on foot at the intersection of Haygood Drive, Asbury Circle, and Clifton Road. Record the date on the bridge on the Haygood Drive side of Clifton Road you will need this later on. Cross the bridge and turn into the stone gates on your right. Record the Clifton Road street address as you enter.

Follow the paved road down the hill and around the curve. Pass the road that you come to on the right and continue North up the hill. Along the right side of the road you will follow a low,winding shrub and wooden fence and pass four large magnolia trees. As you come to a fifth magnolia at the top of the hill enjoy the view of a stately residence.

From the President's House head North around the gate and down the hill. Follow the road down till you hear the sound of falling water. Look for the stone ruins of an old mill and its spillway. At the blue EP light pole head East on a dirt path.

Follow the dirt path along a quiet stream till it comes to a bank where you climb seven stairs to a gravel path. Head South on the path a short distance until you come to a fork in the road. At another blue,EP light pole there follow the path at a bearing of 225 degrees. Press onward along the shore of Candler Lake. Pass the island and continue as the path opens by a grassy clearing and intersects with a paved path.

From here walk over to the magnolia tree by the waters edge. You have come a long way by now. This is where the inhabitants of Candler Lake like to hang out. Take a short rest, share your crackers or bread crumbs with these friendly fellows before the last leg of the hunt.

From the path beside the magnolia tree follow a bearing of 160 degrees 80 paces to a narrow strip of grass just beyond a gully on your right. Then head 24 paces at a bearing of 210 degrees to the trailhead of the AVB Nature Trail. Follow the trail up over two wooden bridges and then 40 paces to a bench.

********** UPDATE 8/14/2004 **********
Someone stole my landmark! At some point in the last year or so the magnolia tree noted in the above paragraph was removed or fell down. All that is there now is a bare patch of ground with a few roots showing! If you don't find this, use the nearby intersection of two asphalt paths to take your bearings from. This should help get you to the right vicinity. Also the sign designating the AVB trailhead is old, faded, and very obscured by trees at the moment, but may become more obvious in Fall or Winter months. Lastly, the bench is there but has been badly damaged by vandals. Maybe they are the ones who took my tree too...

From the bench look for the wood stairs. At the 33rd stair head another 20 paces at a bearing of 130 degrees to a group of stones beside the path. From the most prominent stone add the numbers of the date and the address you recorded at the beginning of the hunt. Subtract the result from 3555 to get the final bearing. Go 48 paces at this bearing from the stone to find what you seek. At the base of a fallen tree under two flat stones placed together is the Easter Egg box.

When you are done stamping up, return the box to its place and retrace your steps back to the nature trail and down to the grassy clearing and the gravel path where you started. From there you can head across the lawn at 250 degrees and pick up a paved path that intersects with the main road into the park. Go around the bend and up the hill to the Clifton Road entrance.

NOTE 1: The most challenging part of this letterbox may be in trying to find a place to park. Park only in spaces that are marked for visitors or you may be subject to being towed. I suggest parking in the Micheal Street Parking Deck located nearby.

NOTE 2: Off-trail walking may be involved.

NOTE 3: Be wary of snakes and other wildlife when reaching into dark places. All bearings magnetic unless otherwise noted. A pace is a long stride counted on a footfall of either foot, i.e. two paces are counted each time the right foot hits the ground.

NOTE 4: Please replace all letterbox contents and re-hide the thing well were you found it.

NOTE 5: For more information about the sport of letterboxing see the Letterboxing North America web page at
NOTE 6: This letterbox is also a Geocache. Click HERE for the site information and waypoint data.