The Bird's Nest  LbNA # 64442

Placed DateApr 23 2013
LocationHanover Wayside Park, Mechanicsville, VA
Found By jabberwalke
Last Found Apr 27 2014
Hike Distance?

Hanover Wayside Park is located on Route 301 north. Park near the playground.

At the far end of the playground, cross the road and find the path into the woods. There is a picnic area to the left, but follow the path to the right. The path will fork several times as you walk down the hill. Stay to the right each time.

Look for the three birdhouses in trees to the right. One birdhouse is on the back of a tree. You will need your eagle-eyes to find that one!

Fly across the bridge when you get to it. Be sure to hold the railing for safety.

Just across the bridge there is a tree with many carvings. Can you read any names to know who has followed the path before you?

Continue on the path a short distance more to the bench, and have a seat with your back to the path. Rest for a minute and listen to the birds singing.

From your seat on the bench, there is a tree to the left. The "Bird's Nest" is hidden at the base of the trunk. Be sure to re-hide the Nest well before you leave!