Garden Fairies  LbNA # 64457

Placed DateApr 30 2013
LocationMary Reinhart Park, Sewickley, PA
Found By The DeMoss family
Last Found Sep 12 2013
Hike Distance?

Garden Fairies

Make your way to Mary Reinhart Park beside Osborne Elementary. Once down the gravel path, take the trail to the right. (This is the trail nearest to the creek) You will pass a bench and a Sycamore tree with a hole in the bottom. Continue on the path straight ahead. Stop walking when a brown shed is to your left and the highway is in front of you. Take a 45-degree turn to your right. From the edge of the path take 25 steps. (You are now off the path!) You should be near a lumpy tree. Look behind this tree. Wedged in between the lumpy tree and a small tree lies the letterbox at knee height. Please place exactly where found when finished so hikers will not easily see the letterbox. Make sure to bring your own stamp pad. Have fun! ☺