May the 4th be with you  LbNA # 64478

Placed DateMay 4 2013
LocationAudubon State Park, Henderson, KY
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Jul 21 2015
Hike Distance?

May the 4th be with you

This stamp was carved by Lego Clone Trooper (age 10) for the Holidays of May LTC swap. When he was done making the cards he wanted to hide the stamp. We decided to hide it here so that it would be near some other Star Wars stamps. To find the box you want to go to Audubon State Park on US HWY 41 in Henderson, Ky. Follow the main road in the park to the CCC statue, "The Worker". At the statue turn left toward the Lakeview Shelter and park in the first spot on the left. Get out and go over to the oak tree with the plaque. Strait ahead in the woods is a huge log. The box is in the bigger hole at the end of the log nearest the road. Please rehide it well and may the force be with you :)