NightWings  LbNA # 64515

Placed DateApr 9 2013
LocationMaple View Public Use Area, SouthPittsburg, TN
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Get off I-24 at EXIT 161. If coming westbound, turn left once on exit, if eastbound, turn right & go 4.8miles. Turn left at entrance to Maple View.Look on hill for a porta-pottie. Walk towards it & go upon boardwalk on left.When you come upon last tree on your right before getting on viewing platform, count 3 post( 1st post is at said tree, then count 2 more)LB is in crevice behind 3rd post covered with leaves & miniscule tree. You can get this anytime, but TRY to come during the evening when all the bats( hence the name of the LB) come flying out of the cave. It is a wonderful sight seeing them flying out of Nickajack Cave