Illumination Station  LbNA # 64519

OwnerMechanicsburg PubLib    
Placed DateMay 11 2013
LocationMechanicsburg, OH
Found By Mechanicsburg PubLib
Last Found Nov 12 2013
Hike Distance?

On August 6, 1814 John Kain laid out this village. Between the grain elevator and the letter carriers, east of the divide, stands information central. On the path beside the sign of the painter take 6 steps at 320° turn and take 19 steps at 350° and last go 10 steps at 80°. Off the beaten path, look 190° and see. For children: Start at the home of the worm races and find the sign of the painter. Face toward the Schools and take the path to the only entrance. Take the dead end with the mailbox and without the return slot. Look toward the street but not to the bike stand. Please don’t hurt the plants and any animals you might see.