Reach for the Stars  LbNA # 64548

OwnerLil Miss Piggy    
Placed DateMay 15 2013
LocationRichland, WA
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This letterbox was hidden by Kennewick Girl Scout Troop 4585. It is hidden on one of the most summited mountains in Washington. This mountain is the highest peak in the Tri-Cities, popular with hikers, and named after a small, but fierce animal. To find the box, start on the northeast side of the mountain and follow the trail up the steps. After the steps, keep following the Trail Loop path to the west. Hike the path until you come to the first bench. Stop and take a rest (you've earned it). As you rest on the bench and enjoy the view, look to your left and you will see a small ravine above the path, and towards the bottom, a pile of rocks. Carefully (SNAKES!!!!) look under the pile of rocks. As this is a very well populated trail, please try to re-hide the letterbox better than you found it. We hope you enjoyed your hike!